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Providing Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling    Psychotherapy ~ Hypnotherapy ~ Chi Energy Therapy

  • Individual therapy for mood problems such as; anxiety, depression, mood swings and panic attacks. Specializing  in treatment of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and agoraphobia. Stress is the root cause of all physical and mental distress. Inoculate with Stress Management Training
  • Couples counseling; Let’s talk and I will help you both to identify the real issues that lay under the surface of your conflicts, resolve your gender (male vs. female) issuesand bring peace back to your relationship and love to your home.
  • Hypnotherapy; Quick simple method of re-programming bad thoughts or feelings that have become conditioned  (like a bad habit) or are set into motion or pre-conditioned during early childhood. Stop the guilt and stop the self-blame that wrecks havoc on self esteem. It's not your fault.  
  • Tai Chi energy therapy; Easy, painless treatment method with effects similar to acupuncture but with no needles!  Become totally relaxed and it may relieve pain. This Oriental method was discovered 5ooo years ago and passed down by the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty in China.This holistic treatment method is currently State of the Art.

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